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Kaleidoscope Coat

 A group of butterflies is called a Kaleidoscope.  The butterflies float up the back to the shoulder and a few have made it to the front.  This jacket is made from recycled jeans and scraps of lace and tapestry, then the butterflies were applied. The lining is new materials, and it is inner lined with fall-off pieces of drapery flannel inner lining. 

I like doing these coats so much I am planning to do a whole series. Until my stash of recyclable fabrics runs out.


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The collection of pillows for sale in my studio are made from the fall off and leftover scraps of home decor manufacturing. They are always unique in color and design, and being an upcycled product, in limited supply. This bohemian collection pictured features a variety of textures, colors and patterns. You can follow me on facebook

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Urban Garden Coat

8540610886?profile=RESIZE_710xThe model is my art studio neighbor, Gina. I made this coat from old, worn out, and stained jeans. The floral on the back and collar are the fall of from making curtains. Manufacturing soft good for interior designers creates a lot of waste fabric. I keep that waste and create new things with it. This coat is one example,  I also make "Market Bags", a medium size, lined tote bag. I love the challenge of working with scraps. My studio name is Smithology.

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