Warrior Rosie

Using my computer to digitally manipulate (recycle) my earlier piece, “A National Treasure,” by enlarging and inverting her original 9"x12" image, I collaged a new original piece (the tattoo) directly onto the newly enlarged  20"x 30" image. I then placed her onto another collaged background of original WWII Stars and Stripes newspaper front pages and articles; thus, producing an active image of Rosie revealing her newly acquired 101st Airborne Division 'combat patch' tattoo (the above referenced original collage taken from additional vintage Tiffany & Co. catalog pieces). These small parts lovingly pieced together form a larger whole: all to pay homage to these great female fighters of the past, all the way back to WWII, where so many 'Rosies' paved the way for their men and women to serve, to my service in the same Division in Afghanistan in 2008, where I bear the same combat patch tattoo as Rosie here. Created in July 2020, this 48" x 36" piece tests the conventional wisdom of what we "usually" categorize a mixed media collage on a stretched canvas to be. I like that. (The only thing not recycled here is the canvas I used as the base of this collage). 

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